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Information and documents  provided to Sage Harvey, Barrister & Solicitor is typically protected by solicitor-client privilege and cannot be disclosed to other parties without your consent.

Communication between lawyers and clients are meant to be in confidence. Solicitor-client privilege typically prevents us from disclosing most information and documents provided to us to other parties without your consent.

The Supreme Court of Canada however has recognized exceptions to solicitor-client privilege. Communication in aid of crime or fraud is typically not protected by solicitor-client privilege. We may also be compelled to withdraw from representation of you if you seek to hide important information from the court in a way that would be unethical.

Use of Personal Information

At Sage Harvey, Barrister & Solicitor we do not disclose any of your personal information to third parties to enable them to market their products or services.

Security of Your Information

At Sage Harvey, Barrister & Solicitor, we instead seek to protect all of your personal information from third parties and anyone not authorized to receive your personal information.

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