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Hourly Rate Fees

The hourly rate charged by the lawyers at our firm is $250 to $300 an hour exclusive of the cost of disbursements and HST.

Hourly rate fees are typically charged for family law representation instead of flat rate fees. This is because the amount of time spent on a family law case is unpredictable and varies considerably. Some family law cases can be resolved within a few hours while other family law cases can continue for years. The amount of time spent on a family law case varies depending on the complexity of the case, the cooperation of the parties and the willingness of both parties to reach an agreement.

For a more detailed explanation as to how much your case is likely to cost, please contact our office.

Disbursements are out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the course of legal representation. Disbursements include, but are not limited to, court filing fees, fees to retain expert witnesses and fees for official examiners.

Flat Fee Rates

In addition to hourly rate fees, we also offer the following flat fee rates:

Uncontested Divorce – $599 plus HST to complete and file a joint application for divorce in Toronto. The fee for other simple applications for divorce in the Greater Toronto Area is $799 plus HST. Fees charged by the Court are additional.

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter – $195 plus HST.

Independent Legal Advice for Domestic Contract – $250 plus HST.

Marriage Contracts (prenuptial agreements) – $899 plus HST.

Retainer Amount

A retainer fee is defined as a deposit paid to a lawyer to secure his or her services and to cover future legal fees and expenses.

Legal fees and expenses are deducted from the retainer amount received. No amount can be deducted from the retainer amount until an invoice is first provided to the client. At the conclusion of the lawyer-client relationship, retainer amounts not used toward amounts invoiced are refunded to the client.

Requests for a retainer are standard in family law practice given that the time spent on a family law issue is unpredictable and because contingency fee arrangements are currently illegal for family law practice in Ontario.

At Sage Harvey, Barrister & Solicitor, we normally request a retainer of $1,500 for separation agreements and $3,000 for contested court cases to begin work on your behalf for services that we charge on the basis of a hourly rate fee.

Legal Aid

We accept legal aid certificates at our discretion.

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